Hey guys whats up its Nathan this is great for the past week and a half me Alex Will/Keebs Zach and Joeseph ( i know i probably just spelled his name wrong) we have been trying to come up with a new good name Alex and I think Mickey Cool j was a great name but Will thinks different and Joeseph and Zach could not care less looking at that vote might change Wills' mind but we made a deal that name of the band has to be unanamuis so if you feel strongly enough talk to me Will Alex Zach or Joeseph at school

5Guys AKA the best band in history
was started by a group of boys at there school talent show
the names of them are , Keebs, Alex, Alexander,Breandan and Petey
but at the moment 5guys wasnt 5guys they went as Mickey Cool J
( Lord knows whos why they picked that stupid name )
and get this on there 1st concert Alex fell of the stge and that ended micky cool j for good  but now Alex and keebs pick out 3 of the best mucians and friends they could find which was Joeseph, Nathan and Zach to add a keyboard a bass and drums
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